Shift 2 Work is a web based employee time and attendance with a work scheduling program.

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A simple web-based employee time clock solution for tracking, scheduling and reporting, paid and unpaid payroll hours at work to include online training and setup.

You choose what you need!

Employee Time Clock

Shift 2 Work Employee Time Clock

Easy - Secure - Accurate

Shift 2 Work has a simple, cloud based employee time clock program that will save employers time and money tracking and reporting your employee's hours at work. Our full featured system does it all for you!

Workforce Scheduler

Shift 2 Work Workforce Scheduler

Easy Scheduling - Monitoring Tools

Shift 2 Work has an easy staff scheduling system that includes alert management features for quicker scheduling and tracking employees at work. Schedules can either be emailed or viewed online.

Time & Attendance

➮ Easy web-based employee time clock
➮ No special equipment or software required
➮ Restrict access by location or by device
➮ Compatible with fingerprint, badge or facial readers
➮ No setup fees or contracts - training included

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Schedule Coordinator

➮ Easy online workforce scheduler
➮ Schedule maximum and minimum hours' requirements
➮ Absent alerts to quickly schedule staff replacements
➮ Supports multiple shift scheduling
➮ Time clock integration and more

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Employee Time Card

➮ Simple user friendly navigation
➮ Easy clock in and out
➮ Accurate time card reporting; daily, weekly, and pay periods
➮ Paid and unpaid break and lunch time tracking
➮ Track hours worked at worksites, on projects and tasks and more

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Payroll Hours Reporting

➮ Online detailed, individual or summary reporting 24/7
➮ Export payroll hours to import into your payroll software
➮ AHA and DCAA compliant to meet labor law requirements.
➮ Accurate time totals with overtime and double time reporting
➮ Leave accrual and usage reporting and more

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Clock In Using Any Of these Devices

Computers, Tablets or Smartphones

  • PC or Mac Computers or Laptops

    Our Shift 2 Work's web based employee time clock and scheduling program can be accessed through the internet while using any of your office PC or Mac computers. You don't need to purchase any special equipment or program. There is no software to upload or maintain. Restricting access to the program either by device or by IP address is easy and it will block employees accessing the clock in and out option outside the workplace.

  • Tablets

    Shift 2 Work's employee time clock and workforce scheduling program is touchscreen and mobile device friendly so that employers and supervisors can easily use their tablet to view their staff's work schedules and online time cards.

  • Smartphones

    Our mobile app or browser login page is available for the quick clock in and out at worksite locations. If you don't have a smartphone, texting to clock in and out is also available. GPS tracking is available to ensure the location of the time punch.

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Alternative Device Options

Fingerprint, Badge or Facial Readers

  • Clock In and Out using Shift 2 Work US10CR Badge Reader

    Biometric Fingerprint Reader

    Our Shift 2 Work readers are preconfigured to connect directly to your web based time clock program using a network cable so the time punch is sent directly to your employee's time card in real time. No waiting or having to use a computer or USB drive to upload the time.

  • Clock In and Out using Shift 2 Work US10CR Badge Reader

    Badge Reader

    Employees can quickly clock in and out when using a key fob style or credit card style badge. The employee just places the badge close to the card sensor to register the time punch then the reader will send the time punch to the employee's time card online and vocalize when the time punch is recorded.

  • Clock In and Out using Shift 2 Work F300 Facial Recognition Reader

    Facial Recognition Readers

    The facial recognition reader is perfect for industrial workers that may have worn fingerprints from working with chemicals or masonry. The reader camera will capture the facial image and instantly record the time punch to clock in and out into the employee's web based time card in real time.

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Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority!
Shift2Work customer testimonial from Nexsys Networks and Cunsulting Service.

LMS Physicians Care
Gelson Vieira.
'Thanks for the good service
on the time clock for LMS!' Shift2Work View More Testimonial
Shift2Work customer testimonial from CSG Visual Communication.CSG Visual Communication, Mandy Perry

'Thank you Steve and Wendy.
Everything is good so far and it’s an awesome software to use!'

Shift2Work customer testimonial from Nexsys Networks and Cunsulting Service.
Shift2Work is highly recommended by our clients. Shift2Work View More Testimonial
Shift2Work customer testimonial from GHS LLP

Garcia Hernandez Sawhney LLP
Joy Izumi, Legal Assistant
'I’m very satisfied with Shift 2 Work and find it easy to use.
Thank you for your great service to us.'
Shift2Work customer testimonial from IntermedSoCal.Intermed SoCal, Kristin King
'Our experience with Shift2Work has been very positive. We are satisfied with the time clock program and how easy it integrated into our payroll software, Wells Fargo Payroll'
Shift2Work View More Testimonial
Shift2Work customer testimonial from IntermedSoCal.Intermed SoCal, Kristin King

'We use their mobile app and find it effective for our mobile team. Customer service is awesome and super helpful. I did the first payroll with the app and it went smoothly. We highly recommend using Shift2Work for their employee time clock solution.'

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